Fellow Travellers:


Starting with the Harmonic Convergence on the 17th August 1987 and the next 25 years up until the 23rd December 2012, we have seen and are seeing some major shifts in our lives. Many have seen major upheavals in our monetary system, our employment statistics are in chaos, Our youth are in an entitlement phase and our Governments are in crises governing, there are many more examples that I could use.

There have been many ancient prophecies or a list of predictions of events leading up to and beyond 2012. Many of these prophecies point to our time as a major pivot point in human evolution. The Bible, I Ching, Hopi, Navajo, Buddhist, Mayan Prophecy, scared Hindu texts, the Book of Mormon are but a few of the sources for these. We might view these in our time, as a civilization consumed by distorted values. Having said that, let us look at these prophecies briefly from an Astrology view.

The basics of Astrology lead us to believe that There are 12 sign of the Zodiac. The world as we understand it is on a 26,000 year cycle divided into 12 - 2,100 year segments. The end of 2012 finishes off the 2,100 years of Pieces and the start of the Aquarian Age in 2013. We are in very exciting times and just how it is all going to play out , even the scholars cannot agree on. I believe that each of us as individuals has a roll to play and this has to start on a personal level. In the way we use our intent and integrity

The job of prophecy is to empower, not enslave us. The purpose of spirituality is to make us pro-active rather than disengaged.