He Ling Yu is a not for profit organization.

We have a policy that no one is denied treatment because of a genuine inability to pay. In the past it has been our practice to offer some treatments at little or no cost. Often these treatments included herbal remedies also at little or no cost to those that could genuinely not afford them. He ling Yu holistic health services has had to change this service structure in hopes of keeping our doors open. Your health is very important to us and we trust, for you as well. It is important that all people regardless of financial standing have access to health care and health care information, both in the clinic and over the internet. For this reason we have decided on the following. A fund has been set up that clients may contribute to or access on a limited basis to meet the actual cost of their treatments and health care information.

This fund will be available to those that are:

(1) Making every effort to contribute as much as they are able towards the full cost of their services.

(2) Genuinely are committed to improving their health.

You must apply to He Ling Yu holistic health services to be eligible for this service. Please consult us to see if you qualify.

Our work here in the clinic and over the internet with you is a high priority for us. If your health and well being are a high priority for you and this is reflected in a way that you use your monetary resources, then together we can create a partnership towards your health. We are looking forward to working with you in the future.


Dr.  Joe  Turner, CD., RMT., D.TCM., R.Ac.

Joe Turner,  Has been trained classically and traditionally in Chinese Medicine.   He is an Intuitive and a Psychic and the founder of, He Ling Yu, holistic health services. He has been sharing his unique and refined perspectives on Life and Traditional Chinese Medicine.   He has lectured at the University of Victoria, the University of Manitoba, the University of Vancouver Island, Camosun College and has many published articles on aspects of TCM. Joe has been teaching Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine in British Columbia, Manatoba and Nova Scotia over the last four decades and has been in practice for over 45 years on canada's West Coast.   He now resides and practices on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Dr. Turner, is available for lectures and workshops and medical intuitive readings by request.


        If you have any further questions,  please feel free to contact us