We have some exciting new courses for you!

Staying healthy through the seasons

In this workshop we will be looking at the Chinese habits of eating
with the seasons. We will be looking at the concept of Hot and cold
foods and how they are used to keep our bodys in balance.

The medicine cabinet in your kitchen

This workshop will be looking at your spice rack and how your spices
can be used to keep your family healthy without having to run to your
doctors. ( This is a chapter from Lotions and potions that Grandma
used to use.) A book that will be released soon.

The Sourcers tool bag de-mystified

In this workshop we will be looking at water witching with willow rods
as well as metal ones. The philosophy of dowsing will be covered
along with the use of pendalums and other mediums

Holistic Massage

This is an 18 hour course that is modeled after the Eslan Massage.
In this workshop you will learn to give and receive a full body massage and at
the same time cause NO harm.

Taking the mystery out of Chinese Medicine

This is a 16 hr workshop that will look at Traditional Chinese
Medicine from a five Element perspective.

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